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    creating a shm file from kernel module

    I am trying to open a shm file for data sharing between kernel and user process. Below is my kernel module code. Sys log output indicates that no errors were encountered. Once the module is loaded, I...
  2. ADDENDUM: Having scoured through the kernel...

    ADDENDUM: Having scoured through the kernel source code some more (on, I'm guessing that my message never even gets to the user process.
    nlmsg_unicast calls...
  3. Yes, but why? Where has my code gone wrong?...

    Yes, but why? Where has my code gone wrong?
  4. Generic Netlink unicast from kernel to user fails (-111)

    (Linux 4.4)

    I am trying to get a kernel module to send information to a user process over a Generic Netlink. It seems that the message is not successfully received by the user process - the...
  5. genl_register_ops/genl_register_family_with_ops v/v Linux 4.10+

    In setting up a Generic Netlink family in the kernel module, it used to be that you would register your commands with genl_register_ops.

    At a certain point, this was replaced by...
  6. Interrupt kernel module when user process terminates/receives signal?

    I am working on a kernel module where I need to be "aware" that a given process has crashed.

    Right now my approach is to set up a periodic timer interrupt in the kernel module; on every timer...
  7. Spawning processes with display output from Linux kernel module

    I am trying to spawn a process from a kernel module, that has visual output - for now, I'm just trying to spawn xeyes. I am trying to do this using call_usermodehelper. I am getting a return value of...
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