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  1. How to speed up linux kernel compilation?

    I have core i5 with 8gb RAM. I have VMware workstation 10.0.1 installed on my machine. I have fedora 20 Desktop Edition installed on VMware as guest OS.

    I am working on linux kernel source code v...
  2. Hi Gregm, Thanks for your reply. That is...

    Hi Gregm,

    Thanks for your reply.

    That is where I am confused too. How elevator_data is compatible with a struct noop_data?

    So major questions becomes

    Where elevator_data/nd is pointing?...
  3. Help for understanding about Noop I/O Scheduler's code?


    Can anybody please guide me what does it mean by the following of code

    struct noop_data *nd = q->elevator->elevator_data;

    in the Noop I/O Scheduler code file (noop-iosched.c) which is...
  4. How to compile only one file of kernel source code instead of compilin

    I am going to write an I/O Scheduler for Linux kernel. I have already compiled the whole kernel before without any modification to the kernel source code. I have reached at noop-iosched.c file under...
  5. Backup of VMware, Fedora and compiled Kernel source code

    Yes I think I want to backup the following things.

    1. My VMware
    2. Fedora which is installed on VMware
    3. And compiled kernel source code (It just a plane kernel source code...
  6. How to backup fedora installation on VMware?

    Hello All,

    I have fedora 20 Desktop Edition installed on VMware. I have compiled linux kernel (source code v3.14) using fedora successfully.

    Now I am want to make changes in kernel source code...
  7. How to design images for disk scheduling algorithm to show on paper?


    I am also writing a term paper on disk scheduling algorithm so I need to know how to design images/figures for Disk Scheduling algorithm like designed in any disk scheduling algorithm.
  8. Hello, Thanks for your replies. I am studying...


    Thanks for your replies. I am studying and understanding all these. Will get back to you in case of any issues.

  9. Dear Gregm, Thanks for your reply. I'll...

    Dear Gregm,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I'll look into it. Hopefully, it will help a lot.

    I am a C# developer. I didn't program in C for a long time. But that does mean that I don't know C. You...
  10. Linux Kernel Programming - How to implement disk scheduling algorithm?

    Hello All,

    I am new to this forum and newbie to Linux as well. I want to implement an IO/disk scheduling algorithm (e.g. FCFS, SSTF, SCAN etc) for Linux kernel. I have my own algorithm approach...
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