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  1. Problem resolving domain names on netscape

    Hi all
    Newbie question. It seems to take an inordinately long time for netscape to resolve domain names, yet when I do an nslookup from the command line it's instantaneous. I know they're both using...
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    DNS and netscape/firefox?

    Hi all
    I think I am going crazy!
    When I do an nslookup from the command line, domain names resolve quickly. But when I use netscape or firefox, they often seem to take forever. The browsers are...
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    Thanks for your help! I've been reading around...

    Thanks for your help!
    I've been reading around trying to understand enabling highmem and all the posts I've read on it confuse the hell out of me! Seems like the system should work with 2GB anyway,...
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    Memory upgrade driving me mad!

    Hi all!
    Any insight you can offer massively gratefully received - I am losing my sanity!

    I am running linux on a dell dimension 3000 that came with 512MB of RAM, installed in 2 x 256MB slots. On...
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