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    Peer to Peer question

    I have been switching to linux from the "other" OS for about a month now. I still have one thing that I havn't replaced.

    What are the best options for peer-to-peer when using...
  2. Kernel Panic: No init found. Try passing init = option to k

    Tried to install Fedora Core 1 and ran into a problem.

    Computer is a Micron Millennium Pentium II 233 MHz, 64 mb, 10 gig.

    Install went great but after reboot I get the following error.
  3. Beginner that canít get Linux to install at all

    I got tired of the ďpopularĒ OS crashing all the time and heard about Linux on TV. I got online and started reading all about it. I even downloaded some live versions to try out. Now the problems...
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