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    Error whening trying mount....

    This afternoon I found this topic, so I got home and tried it out - unfortunetly I'm not successful as the OP - below is the results of trying to mount my external hard drive (USB). Scroll down and...
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    Roadnav - not seeing gpsd...

    Hi Everyone,

    In the process of getting apps working on my laptop, I've install RoadNav and looks to be promising...although it cannot detect my gpsd...

    Here is what I did last night (running...
  3. Looking for a Photo Printer that works perfectly with Linux (Fedora Core 6 or Core 3

    I've converted completly over to Fedora on my laptop - sick of XP and it's slowness. I'm going through and getting applications working that I used in windows and having some luck, yet not having...
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    Web page layout and Design application...

    I'm looking for a nice, simple, but powerful application that I can use to help design page layouts/design for a web site.

    I've got an idea of what I want for a web site, but I'd like to put some...
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