I need to setup secured connection between a Fedora to a Vista box. I was able to set up secured connection between my Fedora 7 box to a WinXP, Win2K and Server2003 boxes without a problem. These 3 windows OSes using the same, old Local Security Policy GUI interface while Vista has new combined IPSec and firewall into one interface (but I disable all firewall profiles hope that it will be as the old one). The problem is if I try to initiate the secured connection from Fedora (ping Vista from Fedora) then I got this error:

2007-08-10 11:01:12: ERROR: proto_id mismathed: my:2 peer:3
2007-08-10 11:01:12: ERROR: proposal mismathed.
2007-08-10 11:01:12: ERROR: failed to pre-process packet.
2007-08-10 11:01:12: ERROR: phase2 negotiation failed.

If I initiate the secured connection from Vista (ping Fedora from Vista) then it is OK. It is not that I don't know how to set up IPSec for Fedora and Windows, I did it with all other 3 Windows OSes. The question is has anybody out there seen the same problem with Vista and how to fix it?
Many thanks.