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    Final Year Project Ideas???

    I am a 4th year CS student looking for help with project ideas.I am interested in Linux Security(Cryptography,ip tables,OpenSSH,network seecurity, ACLs etc).
    I have been using Linux for sometime but i would like to use my project as a learning experience to get specilaised knowledge in Linux Security.
    Your help shall be greatly appreciated.

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    Linux Guru anomie's Avatar
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    Learn SELinux well, and demonstrate how it can stop a zero-day exploit.

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    I say it all the time but I think a good Security/Networking project is to install and configure Snort. Learn how to write your own rules set to pick up on certain behaviors. Use penetration testing to make sure that the alerts you wrote rules for are triggered correctly. See if there's a way you can get into the system without Snort picking up on it (believe me, there are ways). Protect Snort against alert flooding while keeping it robust. Install BASE on top of it to view and organize alerts. You'll learn a lot about TCP/IP and other security tools/mechanisms/techniques.

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    Make a Linux Install Disk for a Hardend Server.
    SO, make it run a HTTPServer, FTPServer DiskQoutas and stuff.
    AND secure it with SElinux + Iptables and the other stuff.
    Its going to be a long project since you need to Code your self a InstallDisk. But well with Gentoo or LFS you must be able to do it. (If you have lots of Spare time). Maybe you into the Vyatta Firewall to include in the Project.

    Well, hope I helped..
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