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    heimdal 0.6-67 on suse 9


    i've installed the heimdal implementation of kerberos 5 on suse, created accounts and i'm able to do client/server type of communication and issuing tickets. (server; a kdc) - (client)
    i'm doing successfully kinit and klist. the next thing I want to do is to set up either telnet, ftp, rsh or some other form of remote communication?

    how I do that?

    I've followed:

    and I've created a telnet kerberized config file, which is supposed to load usr/lib/heimdal/sbin/telnetd. something is wrong, xinetd is not doign all that well, yast2 shows me no such service, and inetd is running when i type ps -ax.

    i'm abit confused, i can see clearly that it works the ticket issuing, but i cant set a service to work? Anyone knows how to do that?

    i have configure vsftp server but when I try to connect i get message that the ftp server doesnt support GSSAPI, which is basically the kerberos authentication...i guess some sort of proper linking (read configuring) is needed? but what kind of? i'm googling for some hours and nothing...
    also read the official kerberos admin/user guide...couldnt get myself to the solution...

    please advise


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    I don't really understand the problem with xinetd "not doing all that well. =)
    Did you really mean that the old-style inetd and not xinetd is running?

    Also, as for vsftpd - vsftpd doesn't support GSSAPI, that's quite correct. You need to use the kerberized ftpd that comes with Heimdal instead.

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