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    SSH = Permission Denied

    While on the console, I am able to login and su - to root, as root, however, I try to access another machine on the network via ssh and given a "Permission Denied" message"

    I also try ssh as user but still receive the Permission Denied (publicKey) message. Is there an ssh configuration entry that I can temporarily disable to allow me to gain access?

    Thanks in advance

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    Most ssh servers disable root logins as a security precaution. It is better to login as a user and then su to root because that leaves an audit trail in the logs. To change it, check for the following line in /etc/ssh/sshd_config

    PermitRootLogin no
    Change it to yes and restart sshd.

    For your other problem, it seems that the only authentication method available is public key. Check the sshd_config file again for

    PasswordAuthentication no
    Change it to yes and restart sshd. If these don't help then post your sshd_config file here so we can take a peek.

    Let us know how you get on,

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