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    turning off and on the kids internet access.

    # ================================================== ===========================
    # block kids : nate 23: tim d9: bob 78: rae 2f:
    # ================================================== ===========================
    #REJECT lan0:~00-10-4B-2E-6A-23 inet all
    #REJECT lan0:~00-04-5A-6B-9D-78 inet all
    #REJECT lan0:~00-12-17-72-A0-2F inet all
    #REJECT lan0:~00-08-A1-1D-DF-D9 inet all
    ================================================== ===========================
    This is the rules I am currently using they work great.
    All I do is rem out the statement and restart shorewall to give the kids access.
    I rem out only one to block all but say bob bobs mac address ends in 78
    so i rem out the REJECT lan0:~00-04-5A-6B-9D-78 inet all to allow bob out to the internet.
    then when I want to block them again I un-rem the rule , restart shorewall and they are blocked again.
    but I want to be able to automate it where I can make a intranet page for my wife to log in to click a button and turn off and on the kids internet.

    Is there any way I can make the changes to shorewall/iptables using a script or some other way of being able to automate these changes?
    Or am i stuck with teaching her to log in ssh and editing the rules file and restarting the shorewall?

    thanks for your help in advance.

    Robert Harvey

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    Linux Engineer RobinVossen's Avatar
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    put the exact commands you do now to change it in a file.
    put the #!/bin/bash line as first line in there.
    save the file
    chmod +x it.
    done.. ^^

    Check the Scripting part for this. It has more to do with Scripting then with security.
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    Linux Guru bigtomrodney's Avatar
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    You could create two instances of the configuration and use a script to rename the config files and restart the service as Robin mentioned. Another alternative if you just want content filtering would be :-

    DansGuardian - True Web Content Filtering for All

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    so your saying this is really a scripting issue.
    which forum should i post it in?

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