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    Danger of NOT updating the Kernel?

    Hello, at the moment I run kernel in FC6.
    And well I did add the truecrypt module.
    What is the Danger of NOT updating the kernel?
    Since The idea is that this server is going to run. And keeps running when I am away.
    And when it upgrades to kernel it loses the truecrypt module.
    Well, does anybody know the danger?
    And does somebody know how to use yum to upgrade the entire system. But not the kernel?

    Thanks.. :/
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    well, logic would dictact that if you don't keep current with your kernel you could stand a chance of having your system compromised (security issues).

    previous versions might have instability, or whatever other issues, problems which would be fixed it you update

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    Kernel patches are released for a variety of reasons as indicated by placeb0. You have to look at each patch and decide for yourself whether or not it's worth skipping on it, or implementing the patch.

    Of course, patching a working kernel can be risky as well.

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    If you patch your current kernel, you'd end up breaking some program that was compiled using the headers for your current kernel.

    For example, if you have vmware-server up and running. It'll break and you'd have to re-run vmware-config.

    Some programs might be easy to reinitialize with a new kernel. Some might need to be recompiled and reimplemented from scratch.

    It really depends on your setup and environment. If you think it's feasible to upgrade, you should.

    Unless it's going to take a lot of time to fix all issues after upgrading, then maybe you can consider shutting off WAN access to that box.
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