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    Thinking out theory for secure ssh

    Well, I run a ApplicationServer. And they settings has to be saved on the localbox.
    So I want to mount the /home folder on connect with NFS.
    I want to connect using SSH -x and I want to mount NFS only ONCE.
    Since if you mount over eachother you'll get a mess.
    Thus, everytime a user presses a icon the client makes a passwordless connection over ssh 2(Blowfish) using the -X <progname> parameter.
    Then I should put something in like:
    if (firstconnection)
        MountNFS (Using Kerberos)
    But when the last connection stops he has to Dismount the homefolder.
    So I got with this Pseudo Code:
    if (firstconnection)
        MountNFS (Using Kerberos)
        while (connected)
         umount NFS
    But that will kill the CPU since of the Never-Ending loop.
    And then again. Were should I put that script in then?

    Can somebody help me with the Theory on how I can do this the best way?
    Everytime a user clicks a button a NEW and extra tunnel is made.
    and the NFS share is only allowed to be mounted once.
    And on disconnect the mount should be unmounted

    Oh, and a tricky part comes now.
    this isnt needed. But its a pre if it can be done..
    If the user doesnt exist yet. Then It should be reported and the user should be made by the system..

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    New Users, please read this..
    Google first, then ask..

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