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    Locking RH 7.2 Down

    Hello All,
    I am pretty new to Linux and running RedHat 7.2 with root, myself, and my younger brother as users. My younger is always changing permissions and screwing everything up under his home directory. Is there any way that I could lock the system down and only have him be able to do things that I allow. He just needs access to four programs on the computer and nothing else. Meaning, that he doesn't need anything that can be accessed on the panel or the tasbar. Can anyone help me with this?

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    yes, personaly, i dont know the specifics, but what you should do is update your distro, RH 7.2 is getting a little antiquated, but avoid 8, if you are a hardcore redhatter, then one of teh Fedora Core's should do the trick, if your openminded, GENTOO IT.
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    Okay, just do chattr +i on the files/directories that you dont want him to change (he would not be able to write on those files and directories). I could suggest that you should read the man pages of chmod, chown and chattr it would be useful.

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