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    Rootkit detection - hidden processes


    We have reason to believe an online server we have has been comprised and a rootkit installed. When we run chkproc from chkrootkit we get:

    # ./chkproc -v
    PID 1105(/proc/1105): not in getpriority readdir output
    PID 1116(/proc/1116): not in getpriority readdir output
    You have 2 process hidden for readdir command

    How do we go about finding about more about these hidden processes? and removing them.

    Any advice welcome.

    Kind regards,


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    Use lsof to track processes and what they're doing with files on the system. That may prove to be interesting.

    As for the possibly compromised box:

    You can run chkrootkit and rkhunter (preferably from a live cd, since your box is suspect) to look for traces of a rootkit. Unfortunately, it is not possible to positively prove that a rootkit is gone once it has been installed. Your best option is to reformat and reinstall the OS, period.

    For "at risk" boxes like this you should be running a HIDS (e.g. aide) so that you're immediately aware when something strange occurs with binaries, libraries, etc. on your system.

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