I understand permissions pretty well.

I have set up a user on Linux 8, made him a member of various groups which gets him into other directories as needed besides his home directory. I find I can telnet or SSH as this user and get to the places I want just fine.

When I FTP in from Dreamweaver as this user, I also connect find and I can make the starting directory be any folder in their home folder -- that works just fine.

HOWEVER, if I try to make the starting directory be /home/otherfolder (note the leading slash), he can't connect to that folder. I get a 550 error "550 /home/otherfolder: No such file or directory"

So what's happening, he's stuck in his home directory for FTP but not for Telnet. This is a relatively trusted user. How can I change this for FTP? I think it has something to do with chroot.

Also, if this helps, the user is connected but can't put files.