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    Security for the average home network

    Just recently joined and you can definitely say I'm a n00b but I recently started looking into security for my home network. Given that I'm using a router with WPA security, most of my computers are going to be connected through wireless vs. wired. As for security on the user-level, I have all the typical software in place like commercial av and firewall. I am self-employed and I do have some sensitive client data that might be floating around but nothing THAT sensitive to the point where I'll be in court trying to defend myself. Other than that, I do the typical things like check bank accounts and do some trading online.

    So I am wondering what everyone else's opinions are as far as the security needs for a home network. I'm not sure if I need something like IPCop (is it really necessary vs. my router?) as far as upgrading my firewall needs or do I need to start looking at other ways to secure my network from the wireless end also. I've checked out the WiTopia service but is WPA enough in your opinion?

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    IPCop would only protect against internet hacking - If you really have security concerns rethink the wireless LAN as this is your greatest threat.

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