I am writing this on what I think is a cracked machine. The other day I was cracked, I made a fresh install and was cracked again. So I dId another fresh install with new password, downloaded the updates and installed firestarter again. After the install of firestarter, when setting up it complains about not having directories. At that point I continue and set up policy. When done I setup firestarter to start up automatically as shown an a web page. During this time I went on web and installed some nautilus scripts so I would have access to sudors file when making changes so firestarter would show in notification area on panel. Having done these things the following things occur.

1. When I go to system > administration > firestarter, users and groups, synaptic package manager, time and date, and soft sources. The programs dont come up.

2. When I start network tools and do a look up of assigned dhcp for address of eth0 it shows address (prisoner.iana.org)

3. I try to go to this web site and it says server not found.

4. Scripts I install for nautilus work one time then stop.

By the way I have a router installed as my gateway.

Those are a few things going wrong I need help.

Another thing when I try to start firestarter I get the following message.

jgz@jgz-desktop:~$ sudo firestarter
sudo: /etc/sudoers is owned by uid 1000, should be 0

Just noticed when I go to system > administration > language support, login window, network, restricted drivers manager, screens and graphics, service, shared folders, software sources none of these work.