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    Need Help With Proxy

    Hello guys, this is my first time posting in this section of the forum, so hello to the frequent viewers out there.

    Anyway, after posting in the debian section of the forum with no luck, I decided to post here, in the security section to see if I could get some help.
    Lately I have been trying to set up a proxy so that I can maintain internet annonymity; the only problem is that I do not know the first thing about seting up proxies on linux.

    First, does anyone know of any good proxies that will do the job?
    ---I am looking at anon-proxy, but others are welcome; please, if you know of any, just shout them out, ill check and see if they are available for debian.

    Second, can anyone spare the time to tell me how to set it up?

    Thanks for reading guys,


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    Your requirements for 'anon-proxy' and 'available for Debian' don't seem to mesh.

    I'd describe an anonymous proxy as a web proxy far from you, owned by someone else that doesn't require you to login and keeps no logs of who uses it. Not something you'd be able to download and install at home, and because of http standards, not something that would be incompatible with anything.

    On the other hand, there is something called privoxy that modifies your web traffic to hide details such as your browser id. It strips out cookies, adverts and a whole lot more to make it more difficult to track you consistently. If you do mean something like this, then I'm pretty sure it's in the Debian repositories.

    Let us know how you get on,

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