I have searched for this bit all over the internet and in this forum as well. Most of the posts here about root password are either about root password reset when its forgotten - but my problem is different.

I have many CGL linux systems (Montavista) with PAM enabled in which the password expire after 60 days. In almost all of my systems after root's password expiry, the next time root tries to login with the old password (either at the terminal or through ssh), it prompts for password change. If the login user could provide the old password correctly - then the user is able to change his password and login successfully. In one of my systems however, the system is not prompting for password change - it says that the password has aged and should be changed immediately but goes back to the login prompt.

Now, I know that I can go to single-user mode and change the root password to recover it - but what I really need to know is why is the system not prompting for password change. I believe that the issue could be due to a corrupted PAM file - but I need to know which.

Any help regarding this would be appreiciated.