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    how a root kit works?

    remember that im not technical at all, just wondering how something like a root kit, gets into a computer, and how it installs without asking permission ?

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    Basically, your machine is exploited via a vulnerability of some type (or even poor user configuration). It generally leverages a vulnerability that allows to run as root or a hole that allows it to write without the proper permissions. It writes down a "rootkit" - which can be as basic as replacing the common commands (ls, ps, etc) with new one's. There are a good number of sites on the 'net that can go into deeper details (and I just got tired of typing). Google away!

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    always remember that the weakest link in a security system is the end user. if Joe JuniorAdmin runs a malicious executable, it can install all sorts of backdoors, through any number of simple or complex methods (or just 'rm -rf *')

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