I really hate to put this out there but maybe I cant get an answer anywhere because of how simple this really is but something isnt right and its getting very frusterating so Im gonna go ahead and ask anyway because it is really very dumb,but I guess I dont know, so ,on backtrack 3.0 netcat has a tunneling option (-L),it does not work at all but it even shows the syntax,after a while I wondered,on windozzzz,-l is listen,so naturally -L would mean listen harder,and it does mean that,so why on linux,is a tunnelling option not a -T,this just makes me wonder if -L is a command at all because it says it is,but when I try it,it says it isnt,and I could watch netcat argue with itself all day depending on my patience,but if you can level with me on this one,you'd see how such a simple thing would drive one crazy,so now Im asking the pros and I even tried answering a netcat question from jtechman,so if your reading this and havent checked your thread yet,I gave it a shot based on what I do know ,but anywayz,thanx for taking the time to read and,hopefully I can figure this out,but could use some help from someone who knows,thanx