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    Ext3 filesystem - can undelete work ??

    i googled for help on ext3 undelete, but all i found was for ext2fs.
    can undelete be accomodated for an ext3 filesystem ???
    ne suggestions??

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    ext3 is an extension of ext2. Basically, it is just ext2 with added journaling, therefore, if you have a utility that works for ext2 it will most likely work for ext3 as well. If you are concerned about doing that, ext3 is compatible with ext2 in both directions, so you could just do the following:
    1) unmount ext3 partition
    2) remount partition as ext2
    3) do the undelete
    4) umount ext2
    5) remount as ext3
    But in reality, you should just be able to run it even mounted as ext3.

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    unmounting, undeleting, and then remounting will be too much of a round-about way of doing things.
    and no, ext2 undelete codes dont work properly in ext3, coz of the journal.
    the journal is the main thing that is to be taken into consideration, otherwise undelete is not a problem ...

    post if u hav ne more ideas to the solution to this ...

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    this may be useful:

    if not, scroll to the bottom for suggestions on methods of deleting that will be helpful for future undeletes.

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    You cannot undelete ext3 files with ext2 tools. This is because ext3 overwrites the block pointer in the file's inode with 0's. For more info, check out this:

    Your best chance is probably to grep the hard drive for a string, but this will usually only work on text files.


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    To recover anything from ext3, first umount the partition !
    Here is the line that helped me recover some web scripts:

    grep --binary-files=text -30 "<\%" /dev/hda6 >output

    30 is the context to display (how many lines before/after)
    "<%" is the script delimiter, present in all the files I wanted to recover
    /dev/hda6 is the partition where the files resided

    Then simply browse through output and select what you want.

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    Could you elaborate on this method. I need to recover some .doc file but have no idea how to do it.

    Thank you.

    Otherwise anyone know a good divorce lawyer, as these were my wife's work files

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