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    Thoughts on Firewall checking sites please

    I multiboot but use linux for surfing in the main, other family members use other Oses,
    My question is prompted by the fact that I use fire walls to protect the operating systems both on Linux SUSE 9.1 pro and W*ndoze, any way before I bought a router the W*ndoze firewall was forever telling me of intrusion attempts, Linux stayed stum.
    Since getting the router checking the router firewall on shows several open ports, but there are no intrusion attempts being signalled in w*ndoze, and as usual linux stays stum.
    SO I believe I am safe, but the paranoia in me built up by many years of w*ndoze weaknesses makes my question Am I secure?
    Using SUSE 9.1 pro firewall as an internet machine.

    Mad Malc

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    If you're paranoid, you're never secure. If your are truly worried about the security of your network, then securing it is a non-stop job. I suggest you learn iptables. This will provide you a basis for setting up a secure network. I would run a Linux/OpenBSD box as a router (if you have the spare box to have a separate router ). Other than that, just read what you can on securing anything that you have installed (especially servers).
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