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    Security for newbies


    I've a problem to solve and I hope some of you may help me.

    A friend of me, who are basically ignorant with computer, have high security concern about his computer. I convinced him to quit Windows and go to Linux.

    The perfect distro form him is Ubuntu, but Ubuntu don't have a security level like openBSD. and I'm not a full skilled computer security technician myself.

    So, I try to figure out what would be the most secure computer/network configuration simply available.

    My idea is :

    modem connect to a router, connect to a computer with a secure distro like openBSD with a bridge network connection to another computer with Ubuntu on it.

    would it be a good idea? would the bridge connection would stop any potential intruder, because they would be stop by openBSD, or should I learn how to make a firewall with a computer?
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    Having a router and then getting a computer connect to it is the first step to making your computer more secure. I would advise you to use a firewall, as that is the best way to ensure that the data is safe. Moreover, there are a few settings in the router you can use to get more security, like restricting the number of wireless connections that can be connected to the router. Connecting computers to the router only with the registred MAC addresses. Open BSD tends to be more secure than Ubuntu, but if the people are migrating from windows, it might be a better idea, to have Ubuntu along with a good firewall configuration.

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    thank you kewlharsh for replying.

    correct me if I'm wrong, but does not iptable in Ubuntu is by default a firewall? and firestarter if only a graphical interface to modify iptable?

    "only with the registred MAC addresses" great, thanks again, I'll remember this.

    do the idea of a bridge connection with openBSD is logical in your view? in my idea, once the "first" computer would be configure, the user would only use his one on Ubuntu and never touch the openBSD one. the goal is to have some kind of "digital fortress" to prevent any kind of attack.

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    Hello and Welcome!

    Your idea of using a router in combination with an openBSD system would pretty well secure your Ubuntu machine. But you'll also want to make sure that any type of unnecessary networking daemons/services are disabled as well.

    correct me if I'm wrong, but does not iptable in Ubuntu is by default a firewall?
    Correct, but for the most part the default iptable configuration is a little lax on true security. Don't rely on it to be a main line of defence.

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