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Thread: SCP query

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    SCP query

    Hi GURU's ,

    I want to enable SCP between 2 machines . In between those two machines there is a checkpoint firewall . I have enabled SSH , http access from machine1 to machine2 . Now i want to scp from machine1 to machine2 or vice-a-varsa . What rules shall i put into the firewall ?
    Thanx in advance .

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    I may be wrong with this but my understanding was that scp used ssh.

    So in theory you shouldnt have to use any other firewall rules as long as ssh is allowed then scp should be.

    I regularly scp files to and from a machine behind a firewall that is set to allow ssh connections and I certainly havent set up any special rules there.

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    SSH (port 22) is enough to do scp.

    If you are refereing to sftp, it also use port 22 but is a separate subsystem of SSH and might be disabled by default, check your sshd_config file.

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    Heyy yes ... it is working now ...yes the SSH port is 22 only .One thing i added more is that i enabled SSH port from machine2 to machine1 ....and now both way it is working .....Anyways ....Thanx a lot LINUX GURUS !!!!!!!!! Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!

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