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    Restricted access


    Here is a simple query but it is disturbing me a lot ....I'm using RH 2.1 Advanced Server . I want to create a user and assign him/her (say PQ ) access to a particular directory . ( say /abc ) This part is pretty easy .I know it and already done it too :) but real thing is that ,
    I dont want that user PQ to go to any other directory or access any other files other than the files within the /abc folder . Ulitmately what I want is that a complete restricted access to that user so that PQ should do everything inside the directory /abc and nothing else ....anywhere .
    Does that challenge you enough ?? Plz let me know if you need any more information . Thanx in advance .

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    First off, make sure the user is only in the 'users' group. Then, make sure root:root owns everything else (system files, binaries, etc.), and chmod them so that other users can't view them. You'll have to leave them execute access to most things (/bin), but they don't have to have rw.

    If this is a remote only account, just run ssh/ftp (whatever you're running) in a chroot environment. This way, they log in and get chrooted to an environment that they can't break out of, and you can control.
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