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Thread: returned mail

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    returned mail

    not so much a linux problem, but, I had an email returned, and the returned mail was NOTHING like the addy I sent to, this mail was regarding a labor dispute at a government agency. the conspiracy theorist in me wonders if the department is intercepting people's mail, for leverage in the dispute, is there a way to know if the mail server you are sending mail to, is actually the correct one ? thanks

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    You can check mail server records with dig

    dig MX
    MX stands for Mail eXchanger and it will tell you the details of a domains mail servers. You can try it on the connection you are interested in and a known good one to see if they match up.

    On the other hand, for your department to be intercepting emails it would have to travel through their network, in which case they'd be able to intercept your emails without too much difficulty and entirely transparently. A number of companies do this routinely in case of legal disputes or similar.

    The returned email should be quite specific about why it failed so if you could post some more details we might be able to give you more advice.
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    thanks, Im going to try it again, I work for a " branch" of government, and we sign a " no presumption of privacy" claus on hire, so I don't even do my time sheet from my home copmuter, but the thing with this was...this year is not only .gov negotiation with the union, but also a group of attorneys, in the middle of that battle, trying to get enough signatures to start a whole new " local" and this is whom the email was sent to. this could get fun.

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