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    how to grant write priviligies to files/directories on addit

    How to grant write priviligies to files/directories on additional disks?

    I have some additonal disks mounted on my SuSe. The disks come from Win98 partitions. All the files/directories are owned by root, group root.
    chmod can not grant write priviligies to group and others.
    chown says that this operation is not permited

    Perhaps there is something in mounting this disks?
    In the fstab
    /dev/hdb1 /windows/D vfat defaults 0 0

    any hints?

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    try adding 'user' to the options field.. (w/o quotes) that will allow users to mount and umount the filesystem... IIRC, only the person that mounts a Windows partition can access it in any way...
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    You can use user or users. I also put in rw and exec to give rwx perms. across the FAT drive. You cannot use Linux chmod/chown commands with a FAT drive. FAT doesn't have the capacity for Linux chmod/chown commands. The owner:group will be whoever mounts it and that user's primary group. The permissions will be as specified in the mount statement (fstab options).
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    which distro are you using...because the lines in fstab varies in fedora, mandrake and slack 10?

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    I use suse 9.1

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    the following works fine when typed in fstab
    /dev/hdb1 /windows/D vfat auto,users,exec,rw,umask=000

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