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    [SOLVED] encrypt file without root

    Hi people,
    Title pretty much says it all. I have a file on a remote server that I want to encrypt, but I don't have root there. Asking them to install something for me isn't an option either. I need some way of encrypting the file using something I can run that doesn't require installing, like a script or something. I guess I could try to implement my own encryption app in python, but I'd rather not go there.

    It's not terribly important for me that the solution be awfully secure. The server itself is already pretty secure.


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    Do they have openssl installed? This is a pretty good method Easy file encryption and decryption from the shell [linux] [osx] [cli] [encryption] [shell] [openssl]

    Can execute binaries on files in your own directory? If so I think that a simple XOR encryption would be the easiest and most portable ( will not require access to system files) thing to find, especially if you do not require a great amount of security.

    What kind of archiving utilities are available to you? Perhaps you can use an encryption feature in 7zip or rar.

    I think chances are you probably have openssl available to you.

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    what do you know, they did have openssl. worked great, thanks!

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