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    Security problem

    Dear all
    Am running REDHAT 4
    running application netavis on my server
    am using windows client program to access netavis application

    my problem at login to application because of my stuff give passwords

    So is there any rules on iptables filtering by:
    Ip address and user name ( as user login to application through windows client by user name and password )


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    Generally speaking iptables has a module called "owner" and running '/sbin/iptables -m owner --help' will reveal what options can be applied to any UID, GID, PID, SID or argv[0] that is local to the server. Also note option b0rkage wrt SMP.

    I don't know Netavis but if with "because of my stuff give passwords" you try to express your concerns with respect to security then I could suggest changing the default "admin" account password (which happens to be "admin", the fools) to something else, not exposing the Netavis Observer or any of its backend components to any publicly accessable network, generic hardening and logging features on the server (after all it runs Centos) to facilitate auditing access including protection of the /video/ URI, force users to connect over (Open|any)VPN or SSH tunnel or force SSL only.

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    Dear unspawn
    Thanks for help
    i will try iptables

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