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    Windows + Linux, setting up SSH

    Hey all,

    Firs off, I am a noob

    To my question:

    I have a Windows PC and a Linux PC. I installed the SSH Daemon and client on the Linux PC. On the Windows PC I'm using putty to connect to it. Connecting where it asks for the user password works just fine. I also generated a private key and a public key with the puttykeygen tool. I can load the primary key but I don't know where to put the public key ? I put it in
    but it doesn't work. what exatly am I doing wrong ? do i need to copy the comments also in the file ? does it even matter ? Plz help

    thx all!!!

    -- > what does ~/.ssh mean? what directory is that ?

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    I think you need to put the keys in the .ssh homes directory of which ever user you're logging in as. ~/ is the home for Jon Q User. For example, I would put the key in /home/jeremy/.ssh and then login as jeremy

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    What would the filename be that I save the key in ?

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    Ok, got it to work. Thx jeremy1701.I think some other ppl could have helped me with this but it's k now, lol I will write a short tutorial this week or next so the thread can be closed and will be of help to others.

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    GREAT! we have a linux tutorial section that we encourage people to post in ( should they have a tut worth reading) this would be a great one to add, as for others who could answer your question, I'm sure there are and were plenty, but not everyone can read every thread, and if you switch machines, you lose your unviewed post markers (all that is stored in cookies i believe) many users can miss new post because of this, should youf post move off the 1st page of a forum, or go more than a week unanswerd, bumps are not frowed upon after enough time is given. (read the forum rules for more info on thiese policies and the guide to good questions on the posting page for ideas on how to draw more readers and help.)
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    Well, took me a while till I started the tutorial. Is it possible to upload the .doc file here ?

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