I have started building a firewall from an Xserve G4 running Yellowdog. We would also like this to be a VPN box as well. Our main goal is to allow multiple home users access to their desktop machines at work using Timbuktu. Is this even possible? I am a little fuzzy on whether or not iptables will allow me to forward the timbuktu ports to different machines depending on where the traffic is coming from. Is this something a VPN would do along with secure traffic? i.e. The user logs on to the VPN and then the firewall can determine which machine to forward the ports based on the username?

I am looking at different VPN servers right now, but Super FreeS/WAN looks like it might work since the super version has the NAT Traversal patch already included. Our entire company is NAT'ed behing a firewall.

Are there any other better ways to do what I need to do.

Thanks a bunch.