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    Password security?

    I'm trying to figure out the best way to update my passwords, but can't think of any one-hundred percent safe way to do so, as far as keeping my passwords documented for me to access. I really need to do this.

    So, my idea is as follows, and I want some input on it, for improvements, and maybe stuff I don't need to do: I'm going to use KeepassX to generate a passkey to access my password database, write it down in a notebook I got for computer-related stuff, and then get passwords for every online account I have. The main idea I have is that if I forget to back up my home folder moving distros, my file corrupts, or can't access my computer, I can still access my accounts. Am I being too careful at this point, by backing up my digital password on paper? I'm not entirely comfortable with my computer holding this kind of information, as it could be lost with a drop of water, just about.

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    I don't have this problem. I have been called Rainman for the way passwords stick in my head (I wish faces/names did the same thing) but I would say do what you need to.

    Remember though, paper is just a vulnerable to water as a PC so you should keep them in different places.
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    There really isn't a 100% secure method to do anything with computers, or anything else for that matter.

    Storing passwords on a computer make them a potential target for hackers, and writing them down make them vulnerable to the eyes of others. I memorize all my passwords, except that I do have my most important password written down but it's stored in such a way and in a place that if anyone should come across it, they'd probably never know that it's a password.

    Do let us know how your plan works out for you.

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