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    Recover encrypted LUKS partition that had been initialized in windows

    I have a usb hd that encrypted with LUKS. This hd was accidentally initialized in windows before I realized that I initialized the wrong hd. The hd was not being format in windows yet. I'm not really sure what "initialize hd" in windows really means... Perhaps windows actually erased the MBR of the disk. Of course now I can't access my data any more.

    Do you think that I have a chance to recover this hd? Anyone have a solution for me? thanks much ...

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    If "initialize hd" in this case means rewriting the MBR then by using 'testdisk' you may rewrite the MBR (and partition table if necessary). Prior to doing that you should make a backup of the disk ('dd') so you can revert changes.

    If in this case more than the MBR + PT was rewritten then you may (or may not) be up excrement creek w/o oar. (I always forget if there's two LUKS headers and if its written at the front or end of the partition.) Reading posts on LUKS mailing list archives might shed more light on chances of recovery.

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