I was surprised to find this when accessing the gdm login windows preferences manager. When i click on the general tab and tick the "Gtkrc file" check box I can access any directory on my system. Even folder with chmmod 000 set and mask:--- in setfacl!!!!

I even tried the gdm login preferences in another account and it was able to display file that I had set for no read, write or execute.

I am using Mandriva 2008.1 with the latest security update in regards to gdm ( so I cannot update it as its already updated). I cannot find much on this file access problem with gdm login manager on the Internet.

Also, how can I set the gdm user and group permissions. By the way I have already gone into all the gdm conf files and set the file permissions to 0 in the RelaxPermissions=0 and this has not made the slightest difference.