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    Write Permisson Denied

    I created a user "CATUSER" and using the usermod command I had set the secondary group of the "CATUSER" to "beagrp".

    usermod -a -G beagrp CATUSER

    $ whoami

    $ id CATUSER
    uid=6002(CATUSER) gid=6002(CATUSER) groups=6002(CATUSER),515(beagrp) context=user_u:system_r:unconfined_t


    Then i tried to create a file in the directory /apps for which the group is "beagrp" and the file permission settings for the directory is as follows:

    $ cd /

    $ ls -lrt
    drwxrwxr-x 5 bea beagrp 4096 Jul 28 13:43 apps


    But when i tried to create a file in the /apps directory as the user "CATUSER" i got a Permission denied error message.

    $ touch a.txt
    touch: cannot touch `a.txt': Permission denied


    Am i missing here something. Can some one point out the mistake here and help me get out this issue?


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    are you completely logging out or do you su to CATUSER?

    are you just doing:
    su CATUSER
    try doing
    su - CATUSER
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    Thanks for your reply. The issue is resolved now. After making the changes, I logged out completely and then logged in to create the file and it was successful.

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