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    Linux and malware


    I am completly new to Linux, and this is my first thread on this forum.

    We have a network at my job that needs to be completly offline due to security reasons. But we need to patch it (Windows) and update antivirus.

    This patching will be done with USB sticks. But this can be a security issue, since these sticks first are used in an "online" PC used for downloading.

    Would it be a good idea to install a bootable Linux stick (Ubuntu) and use it for downloading, since there is less malwares that attacks it? You could say that I use Linux as a filter.

    How do I keep the USB stick updated with virus protection etc (safest solution)?

    BTW, I have started testing Ubuntu at work and I like it, so I will install Linux on one of my laptops this weekend

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    As regards mounting USB sticks, isn't there a Windows security hole, which has been open for some time now and not been closed yet?

    Microsoft confirms USB trojan hole - The H Security: News and Features

    Anyway, I think the Ubuntu internet station is a good idea. Just make sure the stick is formated under GNU/Linux, not Windows, and regularly. To get the Ubuntu box infected in a way that the sticks content is dangerous to Windows is pretty unlikely, but not impossible.

    Aren't there USB sticks with switches for write-protection around? If so, get one.
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