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    evolution and pgp

    Not sure this is the best group to post to. Apologies if it isn't.

    Can anyone point me to software or configuration help that will allow me to set rules for encryption in evolution? I'm thinking of rules such as "if I have a public key on my ring, then automatically encrypt to this recipient" or "If encryption fails to this recipient, don't send the email."


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    I'm not sure - don't use evolution. Usually I create and encrypt an attachment with the cypher text that I want to send, using the recipient's public key. That way, only they can decrypt the attachment, which is still accessible as a regular, though encrypted, file. So, I encrypt the attachment outside of my mail client, compose an empty message to the receiver, attach the encrypted part of the message, and just send it. In any case, you DO NOT want to use your private key to encrypt it, since that way ANYBODY can decrypt it with your public key (it's called "public" for a reason). Using the public key of the recipient to encrypt the message means that ONLY they can decrypt it (in theory).
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    I don't know that it's possible to do that. You can choose to encrypt every message, or to choose encryption for each message individually, but I've never seen anything that would be as selective as you want. You might be able to cobble up some scripts that would do it, but IMO that would be more work than it's worth.

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