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    default password !!!!!!

    a big holler out to all da linux experts ....

    am facing a lil issue here with UBUNTU 10.10

    i jus managed to install it ,,

    nd i only set one password during installation : ie : login password .

    now whenevre i connect to wifi .. or use da inbuilt chat function....

    as i enter the password..... i am asked for default password ...

    i read a few forums . they advised to change to password in "password & encryption key" to BLANK

    but it then says that the original password is incorrect ...

    i never did set an original password ..

    is there someway to detect this password nd mk it blank ..

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    Your post is hard to, WIFI, login password, default password...which password are you referring to? Can you please explain clearly, what you are trying to do? You shouldn't leave any passwords as "Blank", that's just bad form.
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    I think OP is talking about the gnome keyring

    most passwords for stuff like wifi are stored in the gnome keyring, you shouldn't need to touch it at all

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    default keyring ..... i never did set any default keyring password ...

    but now wenever i enter ssid password for WIFI ..... a new window opens up asking for DEFAULT KEYRING PASSWORD ....

    THIS HAPPENS EVERYTIME ... i need to enter this password oonce so the comp can remember the password nd auto log me in ..

    same thing for my password in EMPATHY internet messaging ..

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    your keyring password is your login password

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    ummm...buddy i already thought of that .. i did enter my login password but it jus ignored the password and kept askin for a new password ...

    is there anyway for me to check what the keyring password is ....

    coz i can go root with log in password ..

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    thnkx bro,
    but i've already dont that .... ive already configured da wifi manager,...

    now i need to do the same for EMpathy Instant messngr...

    isnt there any way for me to detect the default keyring password ...???

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    There is no default password. At first use, you create a password, or can leave it blank. If you delete the config files, next time you open something that uses the gnome-keyring, you can set it up again.

    rm ~/.gnome/keyrings/login.keyrings
    rm ~/.gnome/keyrings/default.keyrings

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