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    Password Protected Folder?

    Hey guys,

    Does anybody know how to passwork protect a folder so even my own account (alex) can't access it without typing in the password...?
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    Well, this isn't *exactly* the same thing but you can modify the Read/Write/Execute permissions so that no one other than a particular user or user group can read/write/execute a file or folder.

    I gave a mini-tutorial on setting permissions with chmod somewhere on the forum, but I have since lost track of the thread.
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    thats close, but i still want to be able to read/write/execute, i just want it to only let me do that after i enter a password, or is thatnot possible?
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    I'm just gessing on this one

    I know that in windows u can attach a file to another using this syntax


    u add this little file to it


    .ext is a generic (ext)ention

    and in the *.ext you can make some code run... that would ask for a user name password
    This might be off topic, nut im pretty sure you could attach a file OR while getting access to a specific folder, make a little script that would ask for a user/pass....
    I'm really not convinced it would work properly, but its something you could try

    Another way would be to create a process that check file access on a specific folder, and prompt a user/pass to get access to it

    hope this helps

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    thats a good idea that i will try, but i don't know bash or any scripting language. Learning BASH is my project for over thanks giving break which starts tomorow..can't wait
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    Create a new user and change the onwership of the folder to that user. That way, you will have to su 'owner' to be able to access the folder... don't know if that is what you want, but it is an idea :)
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