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    Forbid >2 login from the same IP

    Hello all,

    I've a server with a common login (with "common" I mean several users use the same login). What I want to forbid is a "second" login from the same IP address.

    I'm not talking about wrong logins attempts or anything related to that.

    I mean:

    Jane, IP: -> Logins ok to my server.

    Jane's brother, IP: -> tries to login in server, but he can't.

    Is this possible?


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    What kind of logins are you talking about? Web site sessions? FTP? SSH? Or (${deities} forfend!) telnet?

    I'm asking this (apart from common logins not exactly being a security best practice) because the network stack doesn't have a concept of "logins" but services do. I mean you'll unlikely "solve" this with say a wee bit of iptables magic.

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