we are searching solution for autoenrollment of user SSL certificates to linux desktops joined to Windows domain. We prefer solution, which could be well integrated into our existing server infrastructure, that means that it will be able to use Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (Windows 2008 Server), which we are using for autoenrollment for Windows XP desktops, and we want increase scope of autoenrollment to Linux desktops, but we are open-minded also to other ideas and suggestions.

Unlike in Windows, where is one common store for certificates used by various system components and applications, in Linux it is in more places - GNOME, KDE, Firefox, Evolution, ... - various applications are using various paths as certificate stores.

Who has, or knows existing solution(s) for autoenrollment, I would be happy to be informed. Or possibly, who knows and wants to offer commercial services, write me what similar projects have you been solving. and that you have interest in cooperation, and I will send more detailed specification of requirements to qualified candidates.

Looking forward to any responses.

Jano Ostrochovsky