I'm having issues with the squid proxy cutting off dowloaded files. the download will hang and then instantly finish but when you check the file it is only a percentage of the full file that was downloaded.
On occasion I can retry the download and it will complete successfully. Other times I have to bypass the proxy all together to get my file. I have already ruled out extension problems such as blocking the download of .pdf's or .exe's as I have no ACL's blocking file extensions.
Squid also seems to hang on web pages intermittently. an example:
I go to google.com and IE loads the page but the progress bar sticks about 3/4 of the way across and I can't do anything with the page until it finished.... sometimes 30 seconds to a minute. It does finally finish and the page is usable. If during this process I am logged into the Debian box that is running the proxy and I issue a rndc flush command it seems to immediatley fix the problem. Not so with the flash or download problem as these seem to just never recover.
I would be greatful for any help anyone can give me regarding this issue!