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    fail2ban and vsftp


    I've setup fail2ban to try and block some ftp login failures.

    I've changed the fail slightly to:


    enabled = true
    filter = vsftpd
    action = iptables[name=VSFTPD, port=ftp, protocol=tcp]
    logpath = /var/log/vsftpd.log
    maxretry = 1
    bantime = 1800

    Removing the need for email notification.

    I've modified vsftp to duallog to vsftpd.log, and I do get errors:

    Wed Mar 30 16:54:12 2011 [pid 16726] CONNECT: Client "212.XXX.22.21"
    Wed Mar 30 16:54:58 2011 [pid 16769] CONNECT: Client "212.XXX.22.21"
    Wed Mar 30 16:55:04 2011 [pid 16768] [abc] FAIL LOGIN: Client "212.XXX.22.21"
    Wed Mar 30 16:55:21 2011 [pid 16768] [abc] FAIL LOGIN: Client "212.XXX.22.21"

    But nothing happens in fail2bans log

    The process for python is running... I can see the VSFTP jail in iptables.. SELinux is disabled

    I'm not sure where else the problem could be.

    Any ideas ?

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    Linux Newbie hans51's Avatar
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    did you verify the path to logs = the logs actually to exist at ?


    and enable vsftp configuration to log to the /var/log/vsftpd.log ?

    before you modify existing default configuration, first make sure the original works, then modify as needed IF really needed

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