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    How to enable passphrase for access via ssh


    How can I enable passphrase along with the password for login via ssh ? In that whenever I login from server A to server B via ssh, it should ask me for a password and then passphrase to allow me access.


    Can we have multiple passwords to login via ssh ?

    My basic need is to have 2 levels of password.

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    After some searching, this was found:
    As of now, you cannot have a Two Factor authentication with 1) Public key and 2) password.
    PAM and pubkey auth are (as of now) mutually exclusive.
    Here is the bug ticket:

    It may be up to your character, if you are happy about the latest activity and comments
    or disapointed by the fact, that the ticket was created in 2005 :P

    However, if you don't need pubkeys or create a block of users w/o pubkeys via the match directive, then you can stack multiple pam auth modules.

    Additionally to pam_unix, this here might work for you:
    google-authenticator - Two-step verification - Google Project Hosting
    But there are also other pam modules.

    Seems like a fun project, I would appreciate, if you could report your progress
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    What I do is create an ssh key with a passphrase.
    Then copy the .pub key to the device I want to use keys with.
    This allows me to use ssh keys and still be secure


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    that is a slightly different story that works easily
    to create ssh key with passphrase:

    the passphrase option is chosen and passphrase created when you initially create your serverkey
    whether it is possible to add a passphrase to an existing ssh key ...
    may be that helps and works for you
    SSL/TLS Strong Encryption: FAQ - Apache HTTP Server
    To add a passphrase to the key, you should run the following command, and enter & verify the passphrase as requested.

    $ openssl rsa -des3 -in server.key -out
    $ mv server.key
    else you just create a new key from scratch

    make sure to understand that a serverkey with password protection never could be used for any automated connection as it always would require the manual input and most likely within a time frame.

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