Hiya all,

For all my googling, I am unable to work through the haze that is gpg. I understand the principles, but cannot translate this to a process to achieve the following....

I have a RHEL 2.1AS server running pgp. I have keys on here a client uses to encrypt data to send to us. Client has our public key.

I need to migrate this job to a RHEL 4.5 server running gpg.

What steps do I need to do to...
1. export public key from old server using pgp.
2. Export private key from old server (pgp)
3. export secret key from old server (pgp)
4. re-create the keyring on new server (import all the keys as private and public keys) so a gpg command can decrypt a file sent by client using same old key to encrypt.

Help here would be much appreciated. I am hesitant to experiment with the gpg and pgp commands on these systems in case I break/destroy existing keyrings.