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    cryptsetup disk encryption problem


    I have a problem with my cryptsetup disk encryption.

    So I set up, installed it and everything. It works fine. The only thing is that I don't have read/write permission as a user. Everything is root and I can't get rid of it.

    How do I change it so that I have full read/write permission as a user (only myself of course). Copying and pasting files as well.


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    This sounds like a simple solution, but I have to ask - did you chown (as root of course) the directory where the encrypted device is mounted? something like:

    chown -R <USERNAME>.<GROUPNAME> /mnt/mountpoint
    I just tried that on a LUKS encrypted device on my system and it works just fine, after unmounting and remounting.

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    That worked very nicely, thanks.

    Do you also know a way to set, when you click on "Places" and than your disk to open/mount it, that it will mount exactly where I want? i.e. in that mount directory I made.

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    There may be a nice GUI way to do it, depending on your distro (Fedora, Ubuntu, etc.) and/or Desktop environ (Gnome, KDE, etc.), but with an encrypted disk, it gets a little tricky. I'll bet it can be done, though.

    What distro/ver of Linux are you using?

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    I'm using Fedora 15.

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    Have you set up entries in /etc/fstab and /etc/crypttab yet? Try this guide to help you with that. When you set up /etc/fstab, make sure you specify 'user' as a mount option (man 5 fstab).

    Once you have that working, maybe the Locations thing will work for you.

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    Yes I have looked at those guides many times before, but it was always used for booting. But if I can use it for this purpose than I will.

    I would need some help setting it up.

    For example:

    In /etc/crypttab, "encrypt UUID="3948u-894483s-string-id-etc" none". Wherein "encrypt" is the name of the device/mapper.

    Which would equal, "cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda 'encrypt'".

    And in /etc/fstab, "UUID=3948u-894483s-string-id-etc /mountpointfolder ext4 default 0 0". And this should ensure that the encryption device or mapper will be mounted in the exact folder or space I want correct?

    And I have another question. Using a key file with luks, it can replace a password correct? So to open it I can either use key or password. But using a key it will not ask me for a password? There is no password on the key itself right?
    So its not like pgp for example which require a key and than asks you confirmation with a password.

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