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    Mount Encrypted FS from KDE

    I have an encrypted partition (/dev/hdc2) mounted at /mnt/crypto

    It is set up to allow users, so when I am in console, I type mount /mnt/crypto, and it mounts it

    When I add this to my KDE desktop (rightclick - new - device - hard disk), and select the correct device (dev/hdc2), it will not allow me to mount it.
    It tells me there is a error relating to the password.

    I was wondering, is there any way to set this up to make it simply ask for my password (so I don't have to open a console every time)

    This works with my other partitions (which I keep unmounted unless I need them)


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    I wonder if you could use the same or similar mechanism to kppp. This has a link in /usr/bin to something called consollehelper which takes care of the "asking for the password" bit ( the real kppp lives in /usr/sbin which is further down the search path).

    I'm only thinking outloud here, so this may not work, or there may be a far simpler way of doing it.

    have fun


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    Mounting encrypted partition

    In the article above you have it described how to automatically mount an encrypted partition upon log in to X. It may be helpful.

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