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    Denial of Service protection - Software tools/methodologies

    Hi there,

    For my 3rd year project at uni I am carrying out a project looking into "denial of service attacks". I will be using cisco switches and routers, specifically running cisco IOS 12.2, and linux. I have already looked into ways of preventing attacks such as limiting pings, implementing ACL's etc. However my supervisor has now told me to look for software tools/methodologies that prevent DOS attacks. I was therefore wondering if anyone could recommend such software and how they stop attacks?

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    Since there is no serious answer too your question I wanted to post a link to a picture showing a network plug ready to be plugged in ... with a condom
    Subtext ... no chance for gates.

    Ok... what does this have to do with your problem.
    Block the whole traffic and you are preventing all DoS attacks.

    Every other method will need to analyse the traffic and then drop the packages...
    You can't prevent the extensive use from happening ... since you first need the information that an attack is happening.

    Besides imho:
    ... DoS ain't attacks anyway ... it's more like an extensive use of a free service *gg*

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