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    Exclamation Cracking D-Link Router Admin Password

    Erm, I don't know is it correct to put this post here, if not please redirect me, because I really need you guys help.

    As the title, I'm attempting to crack the password, to prevent future restrictions from my dad such as something like Parental Control or any else stupid things. And the router I'm working on is DSL-2640T (Dlink).

    Well, I found some solutions from the lovely Google, but non of them actually worked ==".
    1. Something named http-post or what
    2. Bruteforce ... lol
    3. Obtaining config file
    4. Keylogger
    5. Capturing dump file or cookies

    At first, the authentication method is like usual, required username and password, but not web form method, it is a pop-up dialog, so I don't think the first method work.

    My dad usually mixed-up the alphabet, numbers, symbols as his password, so bruteforcing takes forever. Second method was out. =="

    Then, the config file method work perfectly for other models (I think), but not this. I tried but I was given a '404 Not Found' response, means the file wasn't available, or in a different place.

    Keylogger is the second worst method i think, my dad seldom log into the router. If I want him to do it, won't he found out something wrong?

    The last solution, my dad won't saves the password, even pressing the 'Remeber password' button. I don't think there is a cookies or something like that. And, the dump files will be deleted after sometimes, isn't it?

    Luckily, I got access to his computer, hardly i mean. So, maybe more solution will worked.
    So, please someone provide some ways?
    And, I'm focused working on software, so don't ask me to buy any fancy stuff or what. And also, I want the password, neither disabling the authenticate nor reset the router or password.


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    I'm sorry, but this subject isn't one that should be discussed on an open forum such as this. If your parents want to restrict access to the internet over their equipment, then it is their choice to do so - they are responsible for the use to which their connection is put. They clearly have concerns over what you may be exposed to if they allow you complete freedom.

    It is not appropriate to allow posting on here of methods to crack these routers or to be seen to encourage disrespect to the owner of the network equipment you're using. If you feel that you're being treated unfairly by your parents, then you should discuss this with them and persuade them to relax their stance

    Of course, if you're already an adult, then you can purchase your own internet connection and computer and avoid any concerns of your parents in that way.

    I'm closing this thread as it is inappropriate for this forum.
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